How To Write An Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

The world in 17th century became so taut that its evolution was only possible by following Puritan European principles. They had a theory that we should only stick to the ideal; whatever else we do leads to deviation. Weaning off from Catholic fount of Christianity is a classical example of European deviation.

The bubble burst

America burst this bubble after the Charter of Independence (4th July, 1777) and sought to create a new and futuristic world; at least in the parameter of its territory. There would be freedom from past, from the various isms; from parochial ideas, from retrogression. The dream would be to create a futuristic arena where everyone lives just to optimize productivity at all levels.

Now, while writing an argumentative essay on America Dream, you can dig deep into the above characteristic point. It is convenient to take both sides. The European ideology might have been stagnant at the time, but it was begot from years of culture and time-testing. It bred inner strength and allowed people to survive even in troubled times.

The counter statement

Contrarily, through the pursuance of American dream, there was complete isolation from all other beliefs and there was no orifice to gain energy from; should the only ism fail to hold the residents – that being Capitalism.

You can also tread the path of innovation. How the American dream and far-sightedness of the creators of the Independence Charter led to Industrial Revolution and eventual growth of productivity everywhere. It gave the third world an option to choose between European Puritanism and American innovation.

The existent hollowness

The counter point would be that in the process of making life machine-oriented, did America not hollow out the innards of its people and the followers of its dream. Has it not resulted in the modern casualness with which different people treat their relations to each other; keeping economic viability as the focal point? Has America trodden the right path; you may argue.

You should place American growth and its hollowness on the scale and measure it in due regard in your essay. It is amazing how Americans have now begun to trace their roots and show some passion towards renaissance. One thing is redoubtable though; USA is perhaps the only country where a milliner from Sri Lanka can feel assured about making it big.

Write the piece with due enquiry and thorough racking of your brain.

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