Helpful Instructions On How To Compose An Essay Outline

An outline is a basic summation of the main sections of an essay that helps students compose their papers properly. Without an outline, the structure of your paper might be frail and you may forget to include some important facts in your text. Though, the contents of every essay are unique, the basic outline for any paper is almost the same. Here are the recommendations that you should follow:

  1. Outline the introduction.
  2. The opening paragraph of your essay should start with an attention-grabbing sentence (a hook). Put some interesting fact or famous quotation related to your topic that will draw your reader’s interest. Then, you should introduce the subject of your study and provide the reader with its background. Some topics are unknown to the major audience. In such cases, pay more attention to this part. The introductory paragraph should finish with a clear thesis statement that determines the purpose of your work.

  3. Outline the body.
  4. The body is the largest section of any essay. If you use a standard five-paragraph format, you should outline three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should raise a separate argument or explain a separate point. It’s necessary to support your arguments and points with evidence gathered during your investigation. However, for some types of essays, your own point of view as a support will be enough. Make sure that your arguments and supporting evidence relate directly to your thesis.

  5. Outline the conclusion.
  6. Start your last paragraph with restating your thesis and summarizing the main points described in the body. Then, you should indicate the significance of your paper as a contribution to the development of the reviewed subject. If necessary, propose several ways to continue the investigation you’ve started.

Keep in mind that you should outline your paper after you’ve conducted your research on the chosen topic. Only this way, you’ll have proper knowledge about the arguments that you’ll raise and evidence that you’ll support them with. Outlining your paper before the investigation will result in inconsistencies between your expectations and actual results of the research.

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