How Were Cats And Dogs Domesticated And For What?

It is funny to think of how human beings began domesticating animals and making some pets. The world has always been known for the give and take relationship. Human beings are the creature that is primarily known to like these kinds of relationships. They do not keep a relationship that is not fruitful. For this reason, they could not have domesticated animals if they were not benefiting a thing from them. Most people will believe that cats and dogs are the ones that domesticated human beings and that it is not the other way round. This left me thinking and I tend to agree with the statement. I, however, believe that the two animals only gave humans the need for domesticating them. The relationship between the two animals and humans is dated back to many hundreds of years ago. It is in fact growing better with every passing day. According to research on the genetics, the creatures are posting better traits that will make their relationships with human beings even more passionate. Traits like the ease to train and less degree of harm are very vital and lead to the increase in the number of cats and dogs kept in the houses as pets today.

Domestication of Cats

Cats used to live in the forests. When human beings became great farmers, they would harvest a lot of farms produces. The grain used to be attacked by rodents. This would result in the significant loss to the farmers. With time, cats started to move to the villages from the forest during times of harvest. This is because rodents were moving to the village too and they were starving in the forest. The cats would kill the rodents. The farmers noted this and started feeding the cats. This made them not go back to the forests. The cats became a measure of farmers dealing with the rodents.

Domestication of Dogs

The herding communities used to move with food while out grazing. The dogs used to follow them and eat what they left behind. Predators used to attack their herds. The herdsmen noted that the dogs barked when they smelt the predators. The herdsmen saw this as a good way to be warning them of any danger. They thus began to feed the dogs and never chased them away again. They made friendships and the dogs became part of their grazing companion. Dogs have since then been domesticated.

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