Things To Avoid In An Informative Essay On Abortions: Effective Advice

An informative essay is exactly what it says it is. It is meant to be informative. It is meant to educate someone on the topic. In this case, the essay is supposed to educate you on the topic of abortion. The one thing you cannot do with this type of essay is give any type of opinion on whether you think abortion is right or wrong. The object is to strictly give the facts and try to be as objective as possible and then it is up to the reader to make a judgement based on the information you give. Here is some effective advice on what to avoid in an informative essay on abortion:

  • This is such a controversial topic that it is best to stay strictly with facts. Only give information that you can substantiate with supporting evidence. One way to make sure you are being objective is to make sure that all of your statements can be referenced.
  • Try to keep all personal feelings out of any part of your essay. You are not trying to convince anyone of anything at all. Just stick with the facts.
  • Give both sides of the story. Don’t only give facts on the bad things surrounding abortion. You must be careful because, in doing that, you are actually not giving the reader the right to make up their own mind. Give them the good and bad of the topic and let your audience make their own judgement.
  • Try to give the reader information they may not know about the topic. Don’t give them only information that will lead them to think a certain way. For example, don’t just give them unknown information about how young a fetus can be born and live.
  • Make sure the information you are giving is the most up-to-date information available. Don’t give statistics that are years old. Give the most accurate statistics you can give your readers. Again, give statistics that support both viewpoints on the topic.
  • You can present opposing views on the subject but make sure you don’t lean one way or the other when you are presenting the issues.

It is difficult with a topic that is as controversial as abortion is to not give your opinion on the subject. The best advice is that with every sentence you write you need to ask yourself if what you are saying is factual and if it is giving information about both sides of this very controversial topic.

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