The Top 10 Best Opinion Essay Topics You Should Write About

Giving you opinion is no easy task when you have to create a text which has coherence. You should select a suitable topic which allow you to express your point of view profoundly. By doing so, you will get the most out of your opinion essay. Below, we suggest 10 strong headlines for this kind of article.

  1. What do you think about abortion? This is arguably one of the most controversial matters to discuss in our society. Some people support the legalization and others do not conceive such an intervention. What is your personal opinion? Why?

  2. Should the government allow homosexual marriages? In some countries, people of the same gender are allowed to get married and adopt children. But, it is only a minority of countries that currently supports this measurement. What do you think?

  3. Should they lower or rise the legal age? It is a well-known fact that people do not grow up at the same pace. Then, is it reasonable to keep the legal age the same for everybody? What are the advantages and drawbacks of changing the legal age?

  4. Why isn't there a solution to starvation? There are enough resources in this planet to feed every person. If it was not the case, we would have died of starvation long time ago. Then, why are there so many countries where there seems not to be a solution for this serious issue? Is it exclusively their fault?

  5. Why are people polluting our planet and endangering several species? The human being is the only species that destroys his own habitat. Are we able to do something about this irresponsible behaviour?

  6. Do you think astronauts reached the Moon? Some people argue that astronauts actually landed in the Moon. Do you think there is evidence to support such statement?

  7. The non-stop increasing price of oil and its consequences. Oil is more expensive than before because of several reasons. The price of this resource affects the economy worldwide. Do you agree with this system?

  8. Why are there so many poor countries worldwide? Once again, there are enough resources in this world so that everybody would be able to life in decent conditions if well distributed. But, that is not the case. Why?

  9. Legalization of drug consumption: marijuana. Almost every country is against the consumption of drugs but there is one exception, Netherlands. Can you think of any advantage of legalizing marijuana?

  10. What will the world be like in 100 years from now? Imagine the world in a century in the future. What is your perspective about the current problems we are dealing with?
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