Albania is an independent nation located to the north of Greece, Macedonia to the east and Adriatic Sea to the west. Albania was one of the battle fields during the First World War which led to mass destruction of properties. It was until the end of the First World War when Albania became a republic. In 1925 Ahmed Zogu, a traditional Muslim landlord, declared himself the president and king (Zog I) succeed him in 1928. Naturally, Albania is very beautiful nation with a lot of tourists’ attraction sites. However, Albania has remained to be among the poorest nations in Europe.

Communism Regime in Albania

Albania is among the very few Europe countries which practiced communism regime for many years. Besides various successes which were achieved through communism, there was a backward step towards accomplishing the dream of Europe. Everything was controlled by a single party during the communism era.

Having come out of First World War where everything had been destroyed, Albania was faced with various hardships, ranging from economical to socials affairs. However, the communist regime managed successfully to construct hospitals, schools and house so as to enable the people learn how to write and read. By so doing, communist regime won the Albanians hearts though after short while, communism made serious mistakes which took Albania miles backward.

Isolation in Albania

While other nations in Europe were making attempts to develop a great European family, isolation started to develop in Albania. Initially, Albania had developed good economic relationships with other communist nations such as Russia and china, but with time even those associations were collapsed. Albania had to produce everything locally because even financial relations with other Europeans nations had collapsed too. This was the beginning of the Albania great isolation. The state bought all properties which had private owners. This resulted to the strain of the economy. Instead of producing basic products which were required by the people, the state concentrated on manufacturing fabrics for mounting machines.

As a newly established nation, Albania did not have the ability to satisfy all human needs for her people. Albanians were not capable to acquire all their basic human needs. For instance, most of time there were little food which could not feed the population. The communists had developed policies which regulated everything and thus, people had no freedom of speech or choice. Defiant were imprisoned and their families suffered severe consequences.

Communist received a decisive popularity from 1991 elections. However, immediate general street demonstrations and strikes forced all the communist cabinets to resign. The establishment of socialist party in 1991 was beginning of present democracy in Albania.

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