Composing A Great 4-Page Essay On Steroids

In writing any style of paper, there are certain steps to follow each and every time. Using these particular steps will help a writer concentrate on the content of the paper more than the structure. If you follow these steps every time you write an essay, you will be successful every time. This particular paper is a 4-page essay which means approximately 1200 words. Use the following steps for composing a great 4-page essay on steroids.

  • Make time
  • Most students just don’t realize how long creating a great essay will take. I can’t say it enough. Don’t wait until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time so you won’t be stressed and hurry through your paper. People will be able to tell how much time you put into your paper by the way it flows. Spend the time and you will be rewarded.

  • Research thoroughly
  • The topic of steroids is a wide, broad topic. You will need to narrow it down considerably in order to do a good job. Begin researching steroids and you will be able to find certain areas that interest you. Continue researching all areas until you find a narrower topic you think will interest you and your audience. Your topic will practically jump out at you as you explore the broad topic. Once you have chosen your topic, research it thoroughly and keep your notes organized.

  • The introduction
  • The introduction is where you want to kidnap the audience. You want to grab their attention and make them want to continue reading. Introduce your thesis statement in such a way so they will want to know more. You are kind of setting the stage for the rest of your paper.

  • The body
  • Since your 4-5 page paper is supposed to be 1200 words, you will need the body to be about 800 of it. Because of this you should plan on having 4 or 5 points to discuss. Remember that as you are planning your paper. You may want to list the 4 or 5 things you plan on talking about so it will be easier when the time comes. Each item you want to talk about should be a different paragraph in your body.

  • The conclusion
  • Spend a considerable amount of time on your conclusion. Remember, this is the last thing the reader will see. Your goal here should be to summarize your thesis and main points of your essay. You also want to give the readers a new perspective on your topic and make the audience want to know more. Hopefully they will be excited enough about what they read to pass the knowledge of your great essay on to others as well.

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