Body Modifications And Employment

Body modifications can pose an interesting debate among employment companies. There is a great deal of debate over body modifications such as tattoos and whether they should be allowed within the workplace or covered within the workplace. Some people argue that discriminating against people who have modified their bodies with tattoos or piercings should be in the illegal form of discrimination.

Today more than ever before tattoos are currently popular. But many workers can be dismissed from their jobs or even denied a job because of the body modifications they have. If you have a tattoo which your boss or potential boss does not approve of you might find that an offer of employment is rescinded. People have contracts terminated because they have tattoos or piercings which might go exposed. Consider that a tattoo on the foot maybe ever so slightly exposed with traditional business footwear. But if a company has a no visible ink policy this can be considered a direct violation of that policy and the company can fire the individual under the auspices that they failed to cover-up their tattoos.

If customers complain about the tattoos which show on a waiter or waitress or even a customer service representative at the front desk, the employers have means to fire the employee particularly if the number of complaints becomes high enough. If employees do not like the tattoos that they see on their fellow employees they can also submit a request or complaint to their bosses about the employee in question. If enough complaints are administered the company can reasonably fired the employee because other employees do not appreciate their body modifications.

In all cases the employers insist that they act within their legal rights. But this is where the problem lies. Almost one in five people have a tattoo today and in America those who are in their 30s have tattoos among 2/5 of them. Many have tattoos that are seemingly innocuous and small such as a dolphin on the ankle or a flower around the foot. And yet those who have tattoos feel like there's a stigma attached to them. And employers associate words such as repugnant or unsavory to those potential employees who have body modifications.

Overall those who do not have body modifications find those who do to be untidy. They do not like tattoos particularly those which are visible on the hand or the neck. Enthusiasts for body modifications claim that this is deeply unfair and this type of discrimination is discrimination by definition and should be stopped.

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