The Top 15 Outstanding Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

Descriptive essays are some of the most fun to write since you can put your print on them in various ways. It could be about anything, and as along as you have a little foundation to lay bricks on, it will turn out just great. You don't have to keep a lot of things in mind, just to make sure that you make an essay that will keep the readers attention and make them want to come back for more.

  • Dreams. Dreams are very personal for us, some people believe the soul wanders in other realms when we sleep. Others think that it's a product of our mind, and it gives us insight on things that affect us directly. Either way, it's a fun subject to state your opinion on, one that can even awaken some people and solve some mysteries regarding dreams.

  • Love. A writer's dream. You can state everything you want on this, from the thrill of a first love and the fear of not getting caught when you sneak out at night to view your new partner, to the heartbreak that occurs when people don't get along anymore. It's a very touchy subject for everybody that has experienced love at least once. You can make sure that you will have some readers that will appreciate your writing, no matter in which way it's is presented.

  • Your favourite book. Nothing better than a good book I would say. Present yours, so that other people get a taste of a beautiful work of literature.

  • A forest. Although this topic seems pretty boring. There are some out there who will blow your mind, and most people never heard of them.

  • Your favourite food. Again, people will love this if you present a good meal, cause come on, who doesn't like to eat?

  • The future. Your brief idea on how society is going to advance from now on. Good or bad, it's your essay, your opinion.

  • Living in another country. It's hard to adapt to a new environment, especially when it's so different from what you were used to. Seeing a presentation of that could help the reader establish how is it going to be.

  • Childhood. This is something that most people forget these days; they let their inner child die and with it, life begins to fade. It's good to remind people how important it is never to do that, cause being old is something that we can't control, but being an old man is something that is totally up to you.

  • A beach. There are some breathtaking sceneries out there, and people would love to hear about them, especially since most of them can't wait for the summer to come.

  • Starting over. It can be a very difficult thing, from seeing your career that you worked so hard for being destroyed, to a girl that has left you. So sharing something similar could help people in need.

  • A concert. There are many out there. Most of them aren't so good depending on the performer. But there are a select few who could blow everyone's mind in terms of numbers, atmosphere, the quality of the music and so on.

  • Learning how to drive. Something almost everyone wants to do at some point, you can just imagine how many people will want to hear about it.

  • A life changing experience. This is something that everyone has at some point, and it might be something ecstatic or tragic. Totally up to you.

  • An addiction. Something that for sure everybody has, and most of them we want to get rid of. So presenting how it affects us and how you could prevent that will be very searched by people in need.

  • A teacher. They are presented as being pretty old fashioned, bad and mean to students these days, so giving a different opinion on them could help the younger generation understand them and be more respectful in school.
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