A List Of Essay Topics On Aids: 25 Great Suggestions

If you should write your essay on AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), you can cover lots of interesting issues. Let your topic be devoted to something you feel strongly about, or choose an issue that you would like to learn more about. Here is a list of great topic suggestions for your reference:

  1. The human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) versus AIDS.
  2. How do these two stages of the disease differ?

  3. How are HIV-affected men represented in American movies? Investigation into stereotypes.
  4. The testing for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome should be made mandatory for all pregnant women.
  5. What are the risks if an infected pregnant woman refuses to do screening?

  6. The history of AIDS. In your essay, delve into the origin and development of this disease.
  7. Methods of preventing this disease.
  8. Are condoms the only reliable precautionary means? What is the situation with the development of an effective vaccine today?

  9. Ways to get infected. What should people be careful of?
  10. Saving lives versus refusing contraception: religious views on the problem.
  11. Why is anti-condom propaganda favored by religious organizations today?

  12. AIDs and orphans. Coping with losing parents.
  13. Symptoms of HIV.
  14. Medical treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
  15. HIV-affected children and their families. What are the challenges and stresses to cope with?
  16. Homosexuals with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with no support from their families and society. Causes and solutions.
  17. Sexual behavior and HIV: Europe versus America. Refer to national surveys and statistics to back up your essay.
  18. AIDS in Africa: why is specifically this continent associated with this disease? Investigate what economic and social issues are conducive to the spread of the virus.
  19. Problems in HIV prevention among teenagers.
  20. Adolescents should be educated on sexual behavior and sexually transmitted diseases. Should this course be mandatory in schools?
  21. Microbicides as means of HIV prevention.
  22. CNN (Condoms, Needles, Negotiation) approach versus ABC (Abstinence, Being faithful, Condom Use) approach. Which one is more effective in fighting the epidemic?
  23. Asia as a new AIDS epidemic center.
  24. Attitudes towards working or studying with HIV-affected individuals. How can they be changed?
  25. Ageing HIV-infected patients: challenges and problems.
  26. Risks at work. Nurses that take care of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome risk their lives every day. How do they perceive the issue?
  27. Prejudices towards HIV carriers. Offer possible solutions in your essay.
  28. Asymptomatic HIV disease: is it possible?
  29. AIDS prevention programs in the US and UK: comparative analysis.
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