How To Write A Character Analysis Essay For Middle School

If you feel that you are a relatively perceptive and analytical person, then you will probably enjoy creating a character analysis essay. In fact, whilst you have probably written a wide range of other academic papers, if you have written a character analysis paper already, you will probably have to at some point whilst at middle school, particularly when studying a variety of different literature courses.

For example, if you are studying English literature, then you may well look at a wide variety of different novels and plays. In fact, you might be studying some of Shakespeare’s work, as well as the work of a wide range of other authors throughout history.

If you are studying one of Shakespeare’s plays, then writing a character analysis paper can be relatively rewarding. Furthermore, there are numerous writing guides and informative articles relating to Shakespeare’s work; therefore, if you do get stuck whilst doing the work, you will find a great deal of help online or off-line.

  • How to approach a character analysis assignment
  • In order to write a character analysis assignment, you will first need to read the relevant literature relating to that character. Ideally, you will have already read the work and, therefore, you will have a good understanding of what to write already; nevertheless, it is important to read the work again, so as to pick up on any points that you might have forgotten.

    In fact, whilst you are reading the work, it is a good idea to make down any notes that you think might be relevant. For example, you can look for any themes that might be relevant to the particular character that you are discussing, as well as any important details relating to that character’s personality, looks or anything else that you feel might be relevant.

  • Composing your paper
  • You will generally need to begin with some form of introduction, in which you will briefly explain who the character is, and which play or book they come from. Essentially, the introduction should give the reader an understanding of what to expect, without revealing too many details.

    The main bulk of your content will come in the body section, in which you will outline and explain the different traits of the character.

    Finally, you will need to write conclusion, in which you will give a final assessment of the character, based on what you have already written.

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