GMO: Our Salvation Or Death Sentence?

The idea of GMO was aimed at making food agricultural products using biotechnology. It was being designed to make sure that the products are available in the market, affordable and a lot safer for human consumption. This looked like the perfect solution to the problems of famine in the world. The problem, however, is that the program or the idea has not had any positive results. It has been hit by a lot of campaign from all corners. A lot of things are being linked with the new idea. What seemed like the world-saving idea has been turned into a death sentence. The problem is that most of the people that complain about GMO and the effects that it will have on the human race have no scientific background. None of evidence from research is there to back their articles on how GMO death in disguise. They have however succeeded in making the idea look a total disaster and have managed to slow it down in a mighty way.

Advantages of GMO

GMO would involve a lot of biotechnology. This would result in many benefits to farmers. New and improved ways of crop production will be used. Crops that are resistant to pesticides and adverse weather condition will be planted. Resistance will mean that farmers will not use a lot of pesticides. The crops produced will thus be safer because a Pesticides that are chemicals. This will result in a safer environment. Most of the pesticides used by farmers remain in the soil and when it rains they flow all the way to the streams, rivers and other water bodies with the surface water runoff. Biotechnology also leads to increased food production. This results in increased farmer’s income. More food means that the world will be free of food shortages. Biotechnology is also restricted by the laws governing food production to produce foods that are safe for human consumption. The level of safety in GMO foods is superior to that of organically produced foods.

The Disadvantages of GMO

GMO foods have been linked with increasing chances of contracting diseases like cancer. These claims have however not been proven and only remain as claims. The main disadvantage of GMO is that it could lead economic risk. In case an unwanted aspect of a product is noted, it would result in negative implications on the market. People will boycott the product and this will lead to a great loss.

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