Picking Up Brilliant Topics For A Narrative Essay About Pope Francis

Usually, in a narrative essay, you should write a story that is related to you and teaches the audience some important lesson. However, your teacher may ask you to write a narrative paper about someone else too. If you’re asked to compose a paper about Pope Francis, for example, it becomes more difficult to select a narrow topic for your story.

How to Pick a Topic for a Narrative Essay about Pope Francis

  1. Conduct research.
  2. First, you should learn as much about Pope Francis as you can. Study his life and pay attention to events that you can describe in your narrative paper. For example, you may learn more about his meetings and dialogues with other Christian leaders or representatives of other religions.

  3. Create a list of possible topics.
  4. Based on your research, you should come up with several topics that you may write about. Make sure that each topic allows you not only to tell a story but also convey some important message to your readers.

  5. Consult your audience.
  6. You should compose a paper that would be interesting for other students to read. Take your list of topics and show it to your classmates. If there will be some topic that the majority of respondents choose as the best one, you should consider writing your essay about it.

  7. Consult your teacher.
  8. Your teacher is also a part of your audience and probably even the most important one. The advice of your teacher related to the topic selection might differ from those of your classmates because they have a better understanding of this task.

  9. Make your final decision.
  10. Consider the choice of your classmates, the advice of your teacher, and your own thoughts about what you’d like to write about.

Tips for Composing a Narrative Paper

One of the key elements of any paper is a good structure, so make sure to outline your text before you begin writing. Divide your paper into the distinctive introduction, body, and conclusion. Each section should have unique contents and serve different purposes.

In a narrative essay, it’s also important to provide vivid descriptions in order to make your story more interesting and illustrative. However, use simple language in your paper so that the reader doesn’t get confused by complex sentence structures.

You shouldn’t forget to proofread your story thoroughly after it has been fully composed. In the writing process, you might make a lot of little mistakes that will seriously lower your score if you don’t correct them.

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