Employee Training

Training is a process of equipping both existing and new employees the basic skills they require to carry out their jobs effectively. In other words, training is a learning process that pursues a comparatively permanent development of individuals’ knowledge which enable them to increase their effectiveness in implementing their tasks. Every business organization requires well equipped, experience and knowledgeable employees to carry out specific duties effectively.

Training can incorporate change of attitudes, skills, knowledge or even individual behavior. This means advancing or changing employees’ knowledge, individuals skills used in performing duties, employees perceptions towards their work and interpersonal interaction between employees and the management. Training should not only focus on newly employed employees but also the existing ones in line with their respective roles.

Importance of Employee Training

Employee training is a very significant aspect for the success and well-being of every organization. With the nature of business competition in the modern world, which is changing rapidly, employee training is now mandatory to equip employees with vast knowledge so as to be able to adapt to diverse business situations. Employee training as well helps to develop employees’ attitudes towards their job.

The employees’ attitude and knowledge ultimately play a huge role in determining the success level achieved by a business institution. Therefore, it is the management and human resource department responsibility to train the employees so that they may know the requirements of their job, their job expectations and how to effectively implement those expectations. Through training, employers benefits in terms of quality service and products, improved productivity and consumer satisfaction.

Challenges of Employee Training

Employee training process is an expensive activity for an organization which does not only consumes working hours but also money which is used to pay third parties hired by an organization to train employees. The organization might not be able to bare the employee training cost especially when an organization is operating on a tight budget. However, the cost of lack of employee training can hurt the bottom line of the organization even more. However, since these costs do not directly affect the organization, in most cases, they are unseen or even ignored.

Retaining employees after the training is as well a major challenge to an organization. Despite Once employees advance their skills and knowledge in their line of specialization, they demand high payments which the organization may not be willing to offer and hence the employees may move on in search of better offers. This becomes a great loss to the organization.

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