Composing A Compare And Contrast Essay On American And British Literature

Assuredly, a compare and contrast essay on American and British Literature may appear like the most uncomplicated type of composition to work on. People think that you only need to find the things that are similar and the things that make them different. But, of course, you also have to clearly expound why those similarities and differences are important.

Here are some guides on how to come up with a very impressive compare and contrast essay on American and British Literature:

  • Carefully contemplate on how the comparisons and contrasts form meaningful linkages to a larger issue.
  • See to it to create a very effective thesis statement. You have to make it clear why the comparison and contrast is essential to note.
  • Choose a pattern. In point of fact, there are 2 ways on how to compose this paper; you can have the arguments presented in an alternating or tandem pattern. If you choose to use the former, it is imperative for you to create the list of similarities and differences. You need to continuously address these back and forth as you write the body of your composition. On the other hand, if you choose to use the latter, it is essential to separate the advantages and disadvantages into 2 camps. Once you already have the list, the body of the composition will then address all things you have uncovered about one character and also about the other character.
  • There is actually no rule in terms of choosing one approach over another. But, for longer papers, you have to opt for alternating pattern. It is tough for the reader to absorb all the relevant data about each side of the argument in long discussions. Meanwhile, for shorter papers, it is advised to opt for tandem pattern.
  • Back up your composition with primary text. In the same way, it is significant to support your analysis through providing primary textual support. To put simply, for each point you undertake, whether in an alternating or tandem pattern, provide textual proof for your positions by means of paraphrasing or directly quoting from the text. Make sure to paraphrase any format your teacher requests or properly indicate each quote.
  • The last phase is to thoroughly review, do some revisions and repeat the process. Keep in mind that it matters to go over your paper more frequently to ensure that it is written in a logical order. Make sure to delete or move text if necessary.
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