The French Revolution

If one is to name the most influential revolution that has ever taken place, it will without any doubts be the famous French Revolution. Taken place in the last decade of eighteenth century, it caused the changes of political concience in many countries and resulted in many small and huge revolutions all over the world from as far as the Carribean to the East. This the first movement that actively supported liberal ideas and took the radical views into account. As a result, the culture of monarchies was defeated in many countries, especially those of Cental Europe, which has given a signigicant push to the development of democracy as we encounter it nowadays.

The question about what caused the French Revolution is debated by scientists till this very day. The most common thought is that the protestants took the perfect timing, as the French monarchy was about to fall anyway. Durable economical crisis, caused by droughts and crop failures was the main reason for people going out to the streets. The desperation of people reached an unbelievable level.

It all begun with the members of Third estate, represented by the non-aristocratic population tried to battle the inequality of representaion in parliament. According to the system used at that time, the decision did not necessarily need to be supported by the majority of voices. Even voting in full, the Third estate could still be outvoted by nobles, even represented by far less people. Fighting for equality reforms, deputies set the whole process in movement.

Soon the process left the parliament building and reached the streets. The events culminated in the storming of the Bastille tower, which is considered the day of French Revolution and remains till today a national holiday in France. The rioters attempted to acquire weapons for future sucess. The Revolution could not be held inside Paris along and soon it spreaded all over the French countryside.

The Revolution was supported by various methods, often very cruel, as the execution of King Louis XVI and his wife. Protestants saw this as the only possible way to build a new nation and a new state. They fought to their success: in 1795 a new constitution was approved, which created significant changes to the voting progress and power. The event that is considered to be the end of French Revolution, was at the same time the beginning of era of Napoleon, which will later lead France to significant military achievements.

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