The Essence Of Environmentalism

Is it true a person’s environment may influence how they live or perceive certain ideas? Some people feel one’s surroundings may influence how they develop or learn instead of heredity. In some cases this may be true, but when considering evidence of a situation a person or group environment may give more solid details of why a person acts a specific way. An environment of a group could encourage more people to do the same things or carry on similar actions just because they see other people doing it.

What is considered a positive environment for an individual or group? This is likely a broad question that can be answered depending on what group or individual you are talking about. There are various elements to consider for this and different situations. For instance, for a child you want a safe and healthy environment they can learn and play. This is very basic description but you get the idea. The environment may encourage the child to do certain things such as eat healthy, play fairly and be tentative to adults who are present. Do you thing a child would do the same things on their own with or without the need of older siblings setting the example?

What goes on in a negative environment that may have others wondering why a person or group perceives a specific idea or action? Peer pressure is an example to consider for a group setting. A person may be pressured to do something they don’t want to do because of others who are present. They do it anyway to be accepted by the group or to avoid being perceived as weak. Even though most people go through peer pressure is that something that could be hereditary or is it because the environment the person is in?

An environment can have an influence on choices a person makes, but it may not always be the case. A person can be put into a good environment and choose to make poor choices. At this point you may wonder if their decision making abilities or what they have learned is actually hereditary. There are people who commonly make mistakes because they know someone who did the same thing. They claim to want better for themselves but find themselves in the same situation they were trying to avoid.

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