How To Compose A Powerful Problem Solution Essay About Violence

Violence is a worst example of human behavior but it is increasing at a drastic rate. Even though religions, culture, and ethical codes discourage violence, but there is still a significant increase in the cases that encounter violence. The court of law and judiciary have strict rules and regulations against those who exhibit such behavior. Government and nonprofit organizations spread awareness among people of different age groups and professions to avoid violent behaviors and actions but there is not much improvement in the situation.

If you are to create a strong essay about this issue then you should understand the problem at hand first. A problem solution paper aims to identify a problem and present its solution in the body of the paper. Students need to make sure that the solution they provide is realistic, effective, achievable, and valid. It is not mandatory that your proposed solution would be fool proof but it is better that you discuss the weaknesses and limitations on your own. If the reader identifies a gap that you did not address then it would not make a good impression of your work. To create an effective problem solution paper about violence you need to follow the given steps for each section. We will talk about each section individually so that you can easily understand and follow these guidelines.

  1. Start with choosing a winning topic for your paper. The subject of your paper is pre-decided which is violence, but you need to break it down. Which aspect of the subject you want to talk about? Why you want to talk about this area? Why other researchers have failed to address this aspect effectively? Narrow down your topic from violence to causes of violence to media promoting such acts and showing explicit content
  2. The introduction of your paper will present your topic to the readers and explain its significance. Why is it important to discuss the role of media in spreading or encouraging violence? Give a brief background of the subject if necessary and discuss the scope of the rest of your paper that how you will provide a solution to this problem
  3. The body of your essay should discuss the solutions you have to control this issue like censorship, guidance from parents and government role in discouraging such programs
  4. The conclusion of your paper will summarize what you have discussed so far in your paper
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