Evolution Of Cricket

Cricket has evolved a lot since it was created and played for the first time. As it is said, change is the only permanent thing. Cricket has not been exceptional and it has evolved considerably over the years. The changes that have been made have been on various aspects of the game. They have touched on issues like rules, the color of balls used and the size or dimensions of the field. These changes have however been effected to make the game more interesting and give all the teams a leveled playing ground. The changes have been received with criticism from all aspects. Some changes have been withheld while others have been dropped. Never the less, the evolution that cricket has undergone was necessary and led to the significant development of the game. I have discussed below some of the major changes that were put in to effect in the effort to make the game more entertaining.

The rain rule

This was a breakthrough in the world of cricket. It was a rule that was put in place so as to find the best way to end a match that was abandoned because of rain. This was so as to save the time that would have been used to repeat games. The rule itself went through a series of amendments. This was because the main aim was to find the best way that did not disadvantage any team. The first time the rule was made said that the team that had lost fewer wickets should be crowned the winner. The rule was later on amended. The revised version was on the basis of average. This allowed for the scores of both teams to be compared. It the match was abandoned in the 20th over for example of the team batting second, and then the results at the time the first team batted first would be compared. The team with the higher score would go on to win the match.

Other changes

The other changes that were put into effect were the color of the balls to be used. This was also a subject to discussion and was changed many times. In the games that were played in the night, white balls were used. This was to counter the wetness of the field and dew. In games played under flood lights, red balls were used. The other change that was made was the introduction of the super sub rule. This allowed for a 12th man to bat.

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