Guide For Writing A Great Cause And Effect Essay About A Divorce

Often it is easy to write a good essay, but follow these strategies and you can easily write a great one about the cause and effect of a divorce.

First, go back to the basics of a cause and effect essay. We know that essentially it is concerned with when one particular action happens then the effect of that results in another action.

To remind yourself of the format of a cause and effect paper you can look for some examples:

  • Ask your tutor if they have some examples that you can examine.
  • You may be able to find some free examples on line.

Once you feel comfortable with the format you then need to look for some supporting evidence. You can do this by looking at either:

  • Case studies in Family Law.
  • Case studies in Sociology.
  • Case studies in Social Work.
  • Articles in Newspapers or online News.

Using the hypothetical example:

A couple decide to divorce, so they has to divide up their possessions. When they were married they were able to afford to buy a house, but because they divorced the effect was that neither could afford to buy a house on their own because they did not earn enough independently of each other. The cause and the effect will roll on from there as there is never just one consequence. Back to the example, as both of them had to rent accommodation they then had to downsize and get rid of much of their furniture, and so it continues.

  • When compiling your paper, you need to take into consideration the roll on effect or consequences of the divorce. You will need to support your claims with sound evidence that is based on academic research as opposed to hearsay.
  • You should also follow the cause and effect in a logical series of actions and apply any solutions that are appropriate. Like any other academic paper, you need to focus on one particular area rather than try to cover everything.
  • Be specific. Write with authority and use real life examples. Remember that there are many areas or fields of study that you can turn your focus to as divorce can have an effect on all areas of life including mental health.
  • If you want your paper to be really great then you need to make sure that you read it through several times and make any appropriate changes to the text. Remember that if you make one change the chances are that you will need to make further changes.
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