How to Write Good Academic Essay in a Matter of One Hour

You can have a number of reasons why you would have to write your academic essay in a matter of one hour. And regardless of what those reasons are you should be aware that writing a good essay in that time isn’t impossible. Though you shouldn’t do this regularly there are some things you can do to accomplish this:

Start the Writing Process:

It’s tremendously important you remain calm during this hour of writing. If you do the opposite and panic your mind may start wandering and you won’t be able to do much concentrating. Clear your work space of any distractions (cell phone, television, music, etc.). Sit down and consider your topic. If you have an essay prompt then free write a few paragraphs answering each part.

Arrange those free-written paragraphs into a make shift draft. For simplicity, you should order your paragraphs in the same way the questions were asked in your prompt. Look for any sentences that repeat information and rearrange them so that they are more organized in clusters that will help your paper flow more logically.

Write Quickly:

Once you’ve organized your thoughts it’s time to get down to writing your academic essay. Hopefully, you will still have about 45 minutes left to complete this. Stick with a simple format. It’s recommended you use a five paragraph format which includes an introduction with a clear and concise thesis sentence, three body paragraphs discussing three different topics with evidence in support of your central argument, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes and synthesizes the information in your body paragraphs.

When you’re short on time it’s recommended you start with your body paragraphs since these will be the core of your argument. As soon as you have written these you can write a thesis state to fit the central part of the essay. Write a few brief sentences to introduce your topic and then write your conclusion.

Proofread and Edit:

You should have about 10 minutes left before needing to print out your paper, and though you won’t be proofreading and editing in the most ideal terms it’s still important that you put in as much effort in doing these two things correctly. Do your proofreading and editing in three stages: start at the essay level, continue through the paragraph level, and finish at the sentence level. Omit useless words and remember that clear and concise writing is the best type of writing.

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