Where To Look For The Best Free Personal Narrative Essay Examples

A personal narrative essay is a common requirement for college admissions. Within this paper, students have to write about a personal experience. They will need to give the reader an emotional impact through imagery, in-depth descriptions and sensory perceptions. Students who are unfamiliar with this style of writing should look up examples online.

Writing Tips

For students who are having trouble writing their thoughts out, there are other options available. Students can pretend to tell the story to a friend and record it. Afterward, they just have to transcribe the recording and organize it into a paper. To have the best quality of writing, students should use transition words like therefore or afterward. They should vary the sentence length and structure so that it makes the writing more engaging.

Look on College Websites

Students can find examples of this writing style online. There are several websites that are designed to help students apply for college, obtain scholarships or get financial aid. On these sites, students will find many examples of personal narratives.

Check Free Sites

Other than college sites, there are other web pages that cater to writing essays. These sites include a variety of different writing styles, paper formats and topics. Since they are offered for free, students can get the help that they need without having to spend any money.

Ask a Counselor

The school counselor's job is to help students get into college. From taking aptitude tests to finding the right school, counselors are able to help students with each step of the process. The school counselor will generally be able to offer examples to the student and may be able to offer help with proofreading the finished document.

Hire a Professional Editor

Although the ideas are the most important part of the essay, the quality of the writing will also matter. If the paper is filled with grammar errors and typos, it will distract the reader from the ideas presented in it. To get into a top university, students have to produce a perfect paper. To do this, many students resort to using a professional editor. Through a freelance website or an editing company, students can hire a professional to thoroughly proofread the document. The voice will still be the student's personal voice, but the quality of the writing will be much better.

If the student cannot afford a professional editor, they can always try asking a favorite teacher. Some English teachers will even offer sessions on applying to college or editing essays. When the student finds a teacher that is willing to help, they should take advantage of the opportunity.

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